Fords of Katandra

Victoria Australia

 Joseph Victor FORD
Married to Margaret Sarah COUTTS-

2nd child of Joseph Herbert FORD & Mary Florence JAMES
grandchild of Thomas FORD & Eliza Ann BATE

Photo below
Joseph Victor Ford & Margaret Sarah Coutts Wedding,
Myrtle Ford, Joseph (Vic) Ford, Margaret Coutts, Francis (Frank) Ford,
14th October 1931




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NAME Joseph Victor (JV or Vic) FORD 
FATHER Joseph Herbert FORD 
MOTHER Mary Florence FORD (nee JAMES)
BIRTH DATE 14 March 1901
BIRTH PLACE Katandra, Victoria, Australia
SIBLINGS         Florence Ruby (Ruby) 1899-1980
Myrtle Eliza 1902-1994
Caroline May (Carrie) 1904-1980
Ivy Jane 1907-1994
Henry William 1909-1949
Francis Thomas (Frank) 1912-2009
Philip 1914-2001
Lemuel Batey (Lem) 1917-1997
Norman 1919-1994
EDUCATION Katandra State School No.1965
Poultry Farmer
Mixed farming
Charcoal burning on the Murray River with Ted Wren
SPOUSE Margaret Sarah COUTTS
MARRIAGE DATE 14 October 1931
MARRIAGE PLACE Methodist Church,
Shepparton, Victoria, Australia.
DEATH DATE 09 October 1977
DEATH PLACE Mooroopna, Victoria, Australia
BURIAL DATE 12 October 1977
BURIAL PLACE Pine Lodge Cemetery,
Section,Tamerik Glade 135,
Pine Lodge, Victoria, Australia.
CAUSE OF DEATH Right Cerebrovascular Accident (Stroke),
Congestive Cardiac Failure,
KNOWN RESIDENCES   Katandra, Victoria 1924
Yabba North, Victoria 1931
Katamatite, Victoria 1936-1942
11 Barker Avenue,
Shepparton, Victoria, Australia.

Photo to the right

Vic cutting Wood






Family Memories

Margaret milked the cows and do the separating while Vic was up at the Murray River burning Charcoal.

Barker Avenue had a chicken hatchery, had all these chook sheds and incubator. Also there was 2 more blocks of chicken sheds behind the Barker Avenue block.

 The girls had to the work inside and outside, however the boys didn't have do any work in the house.

Vic's truck was taken for the war effort.






photo to left

Plaque at the Pine Lodge Cemetery

Birth Certificate No# 12059/185
Marriage Certificate No# 9998/57
Death Certificate No# 26239/77