Fords of Katandra

Victoria Australia

 Mary Florence (Florrie) JAMES

Spouse of Joseph Herbert FORD

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Mary Florence Ford (nee James) 



Florence Ruby 1899-1980
Joseph Victor 1901-1977
Myrtle Eliza 1902-1994
Caroline May 1904-1980
Ivy Jane 1907-1994
Henry William 1909-1949
Francis Thomas 1912-2009
Philip 1914-2001
Lemuel Batey 1917-1997
Norman 1919-1994
NAME Mary Florence (Florrie) FORD
(nee JAMES) 
BIRTH DATE 01 June 1878
BIRTH PLACE Elmore, Victoria, Autralia.
SIBLINGS         Jane
Mary 1864-1875
William 1867-1872
Annie 1869-1870
Thomas Davey 1871-1875
William 1873-1874
William 1875-1875
Mary  1876-1876
Annie   1879-1880 
William Arthur 1881-1958
Thomas Davey  1883-1946
EDUCATION Name of School
SPOUSE Joseph Herbert FORD
MARRIAGE DATE 25 August 1898
MARRIAGE PLACE James Residence, Youanmite, Victoria, Australia.
DEATH DATE 22 October 1961
DEATH PLACE Shepparton, Victoria, Australia
BURIAL DATE 24 October 1961
BURIAL PLACE Katandra Cemetery,
Section, C of E, R1 G33,
Katandra, Victoria, Australia.
CAUSE OF DEATH Pulmonary Oedema,
Myocardial Infarct,
KNOWN RESIDENCES Katandra, Victoria, Australia. 1898-1948
47 Sutherland Avenue,
Shepparton, Victoria, Australia

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Mary Florence Ford and unknown child 





Family Memories

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Mary Florence's father William JAMES was born on 10 July 1835 in St Just Cornwell (baptised on 26 July 1835 at St Just).  He is the son of Edward JAMES (miner) and Mary ARTHUR/AUGHTY? both born 1797, their address was Truthwell (69 Truthwell Moor) and grandson of Robert JAMES and ? LOVEDAY. 

Edward and Mary JAMES had the following children:
Mary Ann JAMES baptised on 29 November 1829 at St Just in Penwith, Cornwall England.
Andrew JAMES baptised 5 August 1832 at St Just in Penwith.
WILLIAM JAMES (Mary Florence FORD'S father).
Jane JAMES born about 1837
Rachael JAMES born about 1844

On 9th December 1856 at age 21, William JAMES left Liverpool on the ship Royal Charter (English) and sailed to Melbourne Victoria.  William JAMES died on 27 January 1907 (death cert # 6395/23). He died of heart failure aged 71 at Boho South, Shire of Violet Town, County of Delatite Victoria. He married (in Victoria Australia in 1862) Mary Ann DAVEY (born 10 June 1844 at St Just Cornwell to parents William DAVEY and Mary DAVEY (nee ELLIS)).

William DAVEY died at 7 Whitehills Sandhurst Victoria on 27 April 1861. He was aged 38.  On his death certificate # 5662, his occupation was listed as Miner and address - 7 White Hill.  It states that he was born in St Just Cornwell and had been in Victoria for 7 years.  He died from disease of the kidneys. The informant was his brother-in-law John ELLIS (miner -living at the same address). He was buried at the White Hills Cemetery on 30 April 1861. He had been married at Cornwell to Mary ELLIS (for 22 years).  His children are listed as follows:
Mary Ann 17 years
Thomas 13 years (b. 18 April 1848 St Just, Penwith. England. d.22 September 1910 buried at Katamatite, grave number 58)
William died (d. 14 October 1851 St Just, Penwith. England)
Jane died (d. 4 April 1955 St Just, Penwith. England age 5)
William died
William 4 years (b. 13 July 1857 White Hills Vic)
James 3 months.

Sadly, on the same certificate it notes that James, the youngest son, aged 3 months died 8 days later at 7 White Hills (where he was born). He had died from atrophy (which took 2 months). Mary DAVEY his mother was the informant (she left her mark by signing with a X). James was buried on 6 May 1861 also at White Hills Cemetery.


 According to the Probate of William DAVEY dated 19 July 1886, he was living at White Hills, Sandhurst, Victoria and his occupation was Miner. He died on 27 April 1861 and had not left a Will. All of his possessions were granted to his daughter, Mary Ann JAMES, wife of William JAMES of Youanmite, Victoria Australia. William DAVEY owned "one ? half part or share of and in a certain dam and mining claims? with tools and appliances. The whole was sold for the sum of one hundred and seventy five pounds". Of this Mary Ann JAMES received 87 pounds and 10 shillings.  She also received five pounds for rough bush furniture and cooking utensils.
Mary Ann JAMES' mother Mary Ann DAVEY had remarried to a Thomas COX, also a miner at Whitehills, Victoria, who had lost his wife a year earlier.  Mary COX (DAVEY nee ELLIS) is buried at the Katamatite cemetery, in an unmarked grave plot number 57. Thomas Cox is buried at Elmore, Victoria



The following is an inscription of the family bible owned by Mary DAVEY (nee ELLIS):-

"Presented to my dear Mother on her 66th Birthday Nov 14th 1884/87? by her affectionate daughter Mary Ann James"
"Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God" Matt 5th C 8th Verse.

The bible has handwritten names and dates of births and deaths in the family. Grannie (Mary DAVEY?) passed away on 11 October 1908 at Youanmite aged 87 years. The Bible was handed back to Mary Ann JAMES (noted in the bible as Mrs William James Youanmite 6/11/1910). Father (William JAMES) died 27 January 1907 aged 71 at Violet Town Victoria, William is buried in an unmarked grave (cemetery records are not complete, but there is a JAMES Senior, buried in plot 381, (date unknown) which could be William). Mother (Mary Ann JAMES nee DAVEY) passed away 2 December 1912 at Heidelberg aged 68 and is buried in an unmarked grave at Violet Town (plot number 670?).  Bible then went to Mrs J H FORD (Mary Florence FORD (nee JAMES) who made most of the inscriptions at the front and back of the Bible.

William JAMES and Mary Ann JAMES (nee DAVEY) had 12 children, of these only 4 survived until adulthood.

1. Jane was born on July 29 1862 at White Hills (Bendigo area) Victoria. Jane married Edward MOULSDALE in 1887. Edward was born about 1867 the son of William and Ann Moulsdale. In 1888 Jane and Edward's baby Edward was born and died at Richmond Victoria. Edward, aged 53, passed away on 2 May 1920 at Narrandera NSW and Jane died in 1937 at Griffith NSW. Jane and Edward had two daughters - Florence May Moulsdale was born in 1895 at Katamatite Victoria. Florence married James HOWES in 1926 at Ardletham NSW and later married Frederick BROMLEY in 1929 at Goulburn NSW. Second daughter -Ida Janie Moulsdale born 12 April 1898 at Youanmite, married in 1921 at Ardletham NSW to Arthur Hummel GANDY (born 7 September 1889 at 16 Nirobray Street Nottingham UK and arrived in Sydney on 23 September 1912 on the SS Norseman).  Arthur died on 19 April 1965 and Ida died in 1981 at Griffith NSW.
Ida and Arthur GANDY had 4 children:
Kathleen Marion (Kath) born 1 August 1923 and died 15 August 1985
Living Male  born 26 May 1925#
Dorothy Emily (Dot) born 21 March 1928 died 15 February 2006
Sydney Lawrence Herbert (named after his father's 3 brothers in England )born 9 January 1936 died 12 November 1951.
(# Living Male married Coralie KURTZMAN and had a daughter Lynette Ida GANDY (1958-1960) at Griffith. The reason for Lynette dying so young is that, her mother had a bowl of boiling water on the kitchen table to scald some chooks ready for cooking and Lynette grabbed the bowl and spilled the water over herself.  Sadly she died 3 days later of the injuries. Living  Male's sister Marion, said he was, understandably, never the same after this. (This information was kindly provided by Jane JAMES' great granddaughter). 

2. Mary was born 10 November 1864 at White Hills died on 6th June 1875 (buried 7 June 1875) of Acute Pericarditis. Exhaustion.

3. William was born 14 May 1867 at White Hills and died on 12th September 1872 (buried 14 September 1872)  of Dysentery

4. Annie was born 19 October 1869 at White Hills and died on 24th March 1870 (buried 26 March 1870) of  Dystentery & Convulsions

5. Thomas Davey was born 24 March 1871 at Huntley, Victoria and died on 30th January 1875 (buried 1 February 1875) of Measles, Diarrhoea, and exhaustion.

6. William was born 16th April 1873 at Sandhurst and died on 4th April 1874 (buried 5 April 1874) of Diarrhoea

7. William was born 9th April 1875, died 27th April 1875 (buried 28 April 1875) of Aphtha & Exhaustion (small ulceration on a mucous membrane, as in thrush, caused by a fungal infection)

8. Mary was born 19th November 1876 at Sandhurst and died on 14th December 1876 (buried 16 December 1876) of Aphtha, Exhaustion (small ulceration on a mucous membrane, as in thrush, caused by a fungal infection)

9. Mary Florence (FORD) was born 1st June 1878 at Elmore and died in 1961

10. Annie was born 19th December 1879 at Yarrawonga (Youanmite) and died on 20th February 1880
 (buried 22 February 1880). of ? of mothers milk, Diarrhoea.

Mary, William. Annie, Thomas, William. William, Mary and Annie are all buried together in one grave in White Hills Cemetery (Bendigo) in section Monumental K, in grave 6595.

11. William Arthur JAMES was born 21 August 1881 at Yarrawonga (Youanmite). He was married in 1922 to Violet Emeley BRIDLE at Bowral NSW. They had no children. William lived in NSW for 44 years. William died at age 77 on 6th November 1958 at the Kiama District Hospital. His previous address was 186 Terralong Street Kiama NSW occupation listed as farmer. His cause of death was Chronic Bed Sox Infection, Senility, Chronic Ostio Arthritis and Broken Hip. He was Cremated on 8th November 1958 Woronora.

12. Thomas Davey JAMES (Tom) was born 28th October 1883 at Yarrawonga (Youanmite). He married Agnes MACKNELL in 1923 at Strathbogie Victoria. In 1943 Thomas and Agnes are living at Bendee Street Barellan NSW in the subdivision of Narrandera. Thomas's occupation was baliliff. He died at age 62 on 10th September 1946 at the Public Hospital at Barellan NSW cause of death was Angina. The informant was his son Ronald D James (aged 35) living at 122 Thompson Street Wagga Wagga NSW. Thomas was buried on 12th September 1946 in the Presbyterian Section of the Barellan Cemetery.

In 1909 Mary Ann JAMES (mother), home duties, Agnes JAMES (HD) Thomas Davey JAMES and William Arthur JAMES, farmers were all registered as living at Youanmite in the division of Echuca, subdivision of Katamatite.
In 1914 & 1919 in the Division of Bendigo, subdivision of Elmore VIC - Jane James (first wife of Thomas?), farmer of Kamarooka. Thomas JAMES and William JAMES both farmers of Kamarooka are registered.



Photo to the left
(Flo) Mary Florence (James) Ford

Gran used to sit on her verandah at 47 Sutherland Avenue, Shepparton and her granddaughter would say hello on the way to school. 

Birth Certificate No# 8772/483
Death Certificate No# 20431/61