Fords of Katandra

Victoria Australia

 Matthew Mark LANGDON 

1st Husband of Florence Henrietta FORD

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Headstone at the Mooroopna Cemetery




Joscelyn David 1885-1937
Norman Penrith 1886-1970
Arthur Joseph 1887-1889
Florence Henrietta 1888-1889
Percy Claude 1890-1963
Alma Juanita Kathleen 1891-1966
Vernon Harcourt 1892-1963
Zedina Estella Lavinia 1893-1894
Florence Zedina Elizabeth 1895-1964
Venetia Irene 1896-1896
Eric Leslie 1899-1953
BIRTH DATE 13 September 1859
BIRTH PLACE Taradale, Victoria, Australia
SIBLINGS         unknown?? 1852-1852
Mary Elizabeth
1853- 1907
John Thomas 1855-1910
Ann (Burge) 1857-1935 
Sarah Ann 1861-1880 
David Jonah 1863-1938
Emma (Sim) 1865-1942 
Francis (Spears) 1867-1924 
Hannah Jane
1869- 1959  
EDUCATION Name of School
SPOUSE Florence Henrietta FORD
MARRIAGE DATE 19 March 1884
MARRIAGE PLACE Ford Homestead,
Katandra, Victoria, Australia
DEATH DATE 23 December 1905
DEATH PLACE Mooroopna Hospital
Mooroopna, Victoria, Australia
BURIAL DATE 25 December 1905
BURIAL PLACE Mooroopna Cemetery
Section, Row
Mooroopna, Victoria, Australia.
CAUSE OF DEATH Pancreas Cancer,
KNOWN RESIDENCES 00 Name Street Town, State yyyy-yyyy
49 Abinger Street Richmond, Vic yyyy-yyyy
00 Name Street Mooroopna, Vic yyyy-yyyy

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Family Memories

Mathew Mark LANGDON'S father - Jonah LANGDON'S Pedigree

John LANGDON  was born about 1760 in Chiselborough Somerset England.  He married Anne GARD (1771) about 1792 in Chiselborough Somerset England.
Anne GARD'S grandparents were Richard GARD born about 1730 and died in Feb 1797 in Chiselbough Somerset England.  He was buried on 27 Feb 1797 in St Peter  and St Paul Chiselborough Somerset. Around 1750 Richard married Elizabeth (born about 1730) and she was buried on 2 July 1797 at St Peter and St Paul. Richard and Elizabeth GARD had 3 children:
Stephen GARD christened 23 Feb 1752 died Aug 1801
Elizabeth GARD christened 20 April 1755 and died about 1785
Giles GARD was born in Chiselborough Somerset England and was christened on 20 April 1755 at St Peter and St Paul. He was buried on 10 Nov 1796 in St Peter and St Paul. Giles married Elizabeth before 1771. Elizabeth was born about 1755 and was buried 2 July 1797 in St Peter and St Paul. They had 4 children:
Anne GARD (who married John LANGDON) was born in Chiselborough
 and was christened on 10 March 1771 in St Peter & St Paul.
Ruth GARD christened 12 Jul 1774 in St Peter and St Paul
Elizabeth GARD christened 16 April 1786 in St Peter and St Paul and was buried at the same location on 11 October 1789
Isaac GARD born 25 May 1788.

John LANGDON and Anne GARD had two children:
Ann LANGDON was born about 1792 and christened in about 1794 in Somerset England. She married John BAILEY (1790) in Feb 1813 in Cheddington Dorset England.
Job LANGDON was born 1 Aug 1796 in Chiselborough Somerset England and was christened on 7 Aug 1796 in St Peter and St Paul Chiselborough.  He died on 10 September 1840 in West Chinnock Somerset England. Job LANGDON married Mary HARVEY on 29 Dec 1818 in West Chinnock Somerset England.  Job and Mary had the following children:
John LANGDON born 25 Dec 1818 and died 1861
Ann LANGDON christened on 17 Feb 1821 and died 29 July 1855
Mark LANGDON born about 1821
Job LANGDON  born West Chinnock and christened on 10 October 1824 in St Mary West Chinnock.
Elizabeth LANGDON born about 1827 in West Chinnock and christened 1 Sep 1857, she married Isaac LAWRENCE (born about 1834 in Chiselborough) on 24 Oct 1857 in Chiselborough Somerset England.
JONAH LANGDON was born 12 Sep 1831 in West Chinnock Somerset England and was christened on 22 Oct 1854 in West Chinnock.  He died on 17th June 1910 in Victoria Australia. Jonah married Melina PATTEN on 24 Feb 1852 in West Chinnock Somerset England. 

Mathew Mark LANGDON'S mother - Melina PATTEN'S Pedigree

Robart PATTEN born 1693 married Emma ? and had a son named William PATTEN born 1730 in West Chinnock Somerset England, he married Elizabeth CHANT and their son Joseph PATTEN born 1773 in West Chinnock Somerset England (died 13 Aug 1843) married Ann CLEAL (1778-1855). Joseph and Ann's son David PATTEN born 1802 in West Chinock and died 16 April 1884 at Westport Somerset England married Mary Ann ROWSWELL (1803 - 1882).  On the 1841 census it shows that David (39) and Mary Ann (39) had Josiah (11), Milear (Melina) (9), James (7), Phillis (4) and Elizabeth (2).

Melina (who's name is constantly mispelt on certificates and census, eg Maria, Milear, Amelia etc) was born on 9th April 1832
at Isle Brewery (Yeovill) Somerset and died 21st April 1911 at Toolamba Victoria Australia.  She was married Jan/Feb/March 1852 to Jonah Langdon (born 12 September 1831 at West Chinnock Somerset England and died 17th June 1910 at Toolamba Victoria Australia). Jonah Langdon's parents were Job and Mary Ann LANGDON.

The 1841 census shows Jonah living at Houndsborough Barwick & Coker Somerset, Parish - West Chinnock, district- Yeovil, South Petherton.  He is living with his mother Mary (50) and siblings - John (20), Ann (15), Mark (15), Elizabeth (14) and Jonah was aged 10.

Melina Langdon at age 23 arrived in Geelong Victoria, 1 June 1855, departing from Plymouth on board the ship "Epaminondas". At this stage shipping records haven't been checked to see who she arrived with.  Presumably it was her husband - Jonah Langdon and daughter Mary Eliza (Elizabeth?) (who was born in 1852 in West Chinnock Somerset England and died in 1907 at Mooroopna Victoria Australia).

The other 8 children were born in Australia.

John Thomas Langdon born 1855 at Geelong, Vic and died 9 November at Waranga (Rushworth) Victoria
Ann Langdon (married name - BURGE) born 1857 at Taradale Victora and died at Dubbo NSW on 26 June 1935.
MATTHEW MARK (Mark) LANGDON born 13 September 1859 at Taradale Victoria and died 23 December 1905 at Mooroopna Victoria. Mark married Florence Henrietta FORD.
Sarah Jane (Ann?) born 1861 at Malmsbury Vic and died 1880 at Mooroopna Vic.
David Jonah born 1863 at Drummond Vic and died 1938 at Smythesdale Victoria.
Emma (married name - SIM) born 1865 at Drummond Vic and died in 1942 at Tullibigeal NSW.
Frances (Francis?) (married name SPEARS) born 1867 at Malmsbury Vic and died Yaddra NSW in 1924.
Hannah Jane (married name - GEMMILL) born 1869 at Malmsbury Vic and died 1959 at Ormond Vic.

The 1903 Australian Voters list shows Mathew Mark Langdon - Railway employee and Florence Henrietta Langdon - home duties living at 49 Abinger Street Richmond Vic.
Brother John Thomas Langdon - labourer and Mary Langdon were at Rushworth Waranga Vic and brother David - farmer was living with his parents Jonah -farmer and Malina (hard to read - Maria?) at Mooroopna Victoria.

The 1909 Australian Voters List shows Mathew's brothers John Thomas Langdon & David Jonah Langdon working at Waranga Basin (District Echuca - Rushworth) occupation listed as labourer & carter.  Also listed was John (Jonah??)- carter, Mary - Home Duties and Mary Malina - Home Duties.




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