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 Elizabeth WILSON
May have died as an infant

3rd child of Thomas WILSON & Hannah FORD
  Nephew of Thomas John FORD 

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Name Plate in Bible


Charles & Name WILSON 




FATHER Thomas WILSON - farmer
BIRTH DATE 00 Month 1841
BIRTH PLACE Cheadle, Cheshire England
 SIBLINGS            Charles  1831-yyyy 
Hannah Mary (WORRALL) 1836-yyyy 
Sarah Ann (BRADSHAW) 1844-yyyy 
EDUCATION Name of School
MARRIAGE DATE 00 Month yyyy
MARRIAGE PLACE Town, County, England
MARRIAGE DATE  00 Month yyyy 
DEATH DATE 00 Month yyyy
DEATH PLACE Town, England
BURIAL DATE 00 Month yyyy
BURIAL PLACE Cemetery, Section, Row
Town, County.
CAUSE OF DEATH info from death cert
KNOWN RESIDENCES   Town, County,England  yyyy-yyyy 

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Bible belonging to Charles Kershaw & Hannah Mary Worrall







Family Memories

Elizabeth WILSON born 1841 was the third child of Thomas WILSON and Hannah WILSON (nee FORD). Her parents -Thomas and Hannah WILSON married on 15 June 1830 in Alderley, Cheshire. For this couple, we  have located 1 son and 3 daughters (including Elizabeth WILSON) to date.

1. Charles Wilson, baptised 13th February 1831 at Wilmslow, Cheshire, England to Thomas and Hannah WILSON, address Hough, Cheshire England. Charles may have married a Margaret JAMES on 26 March 1854 at St George Everton, Lancashire (this is still to be confirmed).

2. Hannah Mary WILSON was baptised on 27 November 1836 at  Collegiate Manchester (Now Manchester Cathedral) daughter of Thomas WILSON (coachman) and Hannah WILSON,  Abode: Chortlon up Medlock.  Hannah Mary  WILSON married Charles Kershaw WORRALL on 20th September 1859 at Liverpool, Lancashire.

3. Elizabeth WILSON is listed as 2 months old on the 1841 census, no other record found at this stage, but it is possible she died as an infant (there is a Elizabeth WILSON, 15 months buried on 3 February 1842 at St Peters Liverpool  and another more likely who died as an infant buried on 24 April 1842 at Cheadle, Wilmslow, Cheshire)

4. Sarah WILSON born 1844 at Liverpool Lancashire.  On the 1861 census, Sarah A WILSON is staying with her aunt Sarah BOOTH (nee FORD) at Church Street Bollin Fee, Cheshire.  She is listed as a visitor, unmarried, aged 17, assisting in the shop. Her birth place is listed as Manchester. She married John Cowieson BRADSHAW in Liverpool in 1877. Her nephew Harry Myddleton WORRALL (son of Hannah Mary WORRALL (nee WILSON) was one of the witnesses.

Elizabeth WILSON and her parents Hannah WILSON (nee FORD) and Thomas WILSON and siblings can be found on the 1841 census living at Handforth Cum Borden, Cheadle, Macclesfield, Stockport, Cheshire England, details as follows:

Thomas WILSON, age 35, Police Officer
Hannah WILSON, age 30
Charles WILSON, age 8
Hannah WILSON, age 4
Elizabeth WILSON, aged 2 months
Sarah UNSWORTH, aged 2

The 1851 census finds the family at Ardwick, St Silas, Manchester, Lancashire, England living at 44 Chapelfied Road. (However Charles is no longer living with them, he would be about 18 years old, Elizabeth who should be 10 years old is not listed - possibly deceased and Hannah, daughter aged 14 is possibly mis-spelling of Hannah)
Thomas WILSON Head Married aged 46 occupation Railway Guard, born Alderley Cheshire
Hannah WILSON, wife, Married aged 42, born Wilmslow, Cheshire
Harriet WILSON, daugther, unmarried aged 14, scholar born Manchester, Lancashire (this we assume is Hannah)
Sarah Ann WILSON, daugther, aged 7, scholar, born Lancashire.

Some where between the 1851 census and 1861 census, the father - Thomas disappears. Hannah WILSON (nee FORD) is no longer listed with her husband Thomas WILSON (he has either died or left, his occupation is listed as station master on his children's marriage certificates in 1859 & 1877, he is not noted as deceased). In the 1861 census, the mother, Hannah WILSON (nee FORD) is living with her daughter Hannah Mary WORRALL (nee WILSON), her husband Charles Kershaw WORRALL and their 4 month old son, Harry M. at Litherland, Lancashire and is listed again at this address in the 1871 census (see below).

Elizabeth's mother Hannah WILSON (nee FORD) died on 5 December 1871, aged 63 and is buried in the same cemetery as her parents and siblings at St Batholomew, Wilmslow, Cheshire.



Hannah Wilson 1861 census (Hannah Mary WORRALL'S mother)



Birth Year:

abt 1809





Where born:

Wimslow, Cheshire, England

Civil parish:



Sefton Road Hotel, Litherland 







Registration district:

West Derby

Sub-registration district:                                 


ED,institution,or vessel:


Household Members: 

Charles K Worrall                             Age  34
Hannah M Worrall                                     24
Harry M Worrall                                        4 months
Hannah Wilson                                         52 (mother in law)
Mary A Radcfliffe                                      15
(Note: Sarah Ann WILSON is staying at her aunt - Sarah BOOTH's home at Bollin Fee, Wilmslow
when the 1861 census was taken). 


Hannah's husband Charles Kershaw WORRALL died in 1877, and Hannah can be found on the 1881 census with her second husband John LOUGHLIN and son Harry M WORRALL.

Name: Hannah M. Loughlin. 1881 Census
Age: 44
Birth Year: abt 1837
Relation: Wife
Spouse's Name: John Loughlin
Gender: Female
Where born: Manchester, Lancashire, England
Civil parish: Litherland
County: Lancashire
Country: England
Street Address: Sefton Road Litherland Hotel
Condition as to marriage: Married
Registration district: West Derby
Sub-registration district: Litherland
ED, institution, or vessel: 6
Household Members:
John Loughlin 50
Hannah M. Loughlin 44
Harry M Worrall  (Step Son)                             20                                                          
Jane Martin  (Servant) 19
Margaret Williams (Servant) 18







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