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   Not our Joseph FORD 

This Joseph FORD who married Elizabeth (Betty) HOUGH in Prestbury in 1815 is often confused with the Joseph FORD from our Family Tree (the father of Thomas John FORD born about 1826 in Cheshire) who also married an Elizabeth (Betty) and had children around the same time and baptised in the same area (Deans Row & Wilmslow)

Son of James & Elizabeth FORD


Joseph FORD born 11th March 1791 baptised 13th March 1791 son of James & Elizabeth FORD at Prestbury, Cheshire, England.


His father James FORD was born 1758 and buried in 1829 aged 72 at Prestbury (Grave B 316) alongside his wife Elizabeth FORD born 1759, aged 40 and their 6 month old son James born 1799.

Also buried in Grave B 316 are:
Hannah born 1810 died 1829 aged 19
Annie born 1883 died 1893 aged 10

Possible children born/buried at Prestbury of James & Elizabeth FORD:
Joseph born 1784 died 1789 aged 5
James born 1799 died aged 6 months
Thomas born 1786 died 1800 aged 14
Joseph born 1791
(burial of Joseph from Bramhill in 1871 aged 79 and his wife Betty (1791-1867) aged 76 at Chelford and their daughter Hannah (1821-1889 aged 68)
John 1793
Fanny 1796.

Joseph FORD born Prestbury, Cheshire from parish of Cheadle, occupation - servant, married Betty HOUGH born Prestbury of Woodford, spinister at Saltersford-Cum- Kettleshulme, Prestbury on 30/10/1815.  They were married by John Browne Vicar.  Joseph FORD signed his name and Betty HOUGH left her mark X in the presence of John FORD and Joseph REDDISH.

We have located the following baptisms to Joseph & Elizabeth FORD at the Unitarian Chapel Dean Row:

Eliza born 1813 baptised 1814
Fanny born 1816 (we can assume this is Joseph FORD & Elizabeth HOUGH as Fanny is found with them on the 1841 census and is probably named after Joseph's sister Fanny)

The following baptism to Joseph FORD & Elizabeth FORD (nee HOUGH) at the Unitarian Chapel, Dean Row:

Hannah baptised 1825 (Hannah is also on the 1841 and 1851 census and is buried in the same grave as her parents)

Where it gets confusing is that our family's Joseph & Elizabeth FORD (nee BRACEGIRDLE) also have baptisms at Unitarian Chapel Dean Row:

Ann baptised 1822
John baptised 1824
Luckily these two baptisms note the maiden name of the mother, but the other siblings of both these two separate families can be easily attributed to the wrong family when the maiden name of HOUGH or BRACEGIRDLE is not noted.  This is where burial records and censuses help clarify the situation.

Joseph & Elizabeth (Betty) FORD - nee HOUGH can be found on the 1841 census living at Hoe Lane, Stockport, Bramhill. Registration district - Stockport, Sub-district - Hazel Grove).

FORD, Joseph,  Male, Age 45, Birth Year 1796, Occupation Ag Lab, Born Cheshire
FORD, Elizabeth, Female, Age 45, Birth Year 1796, born Cheshire
FORD, Daniel, Male, Age 7, Birth Year 1834, born Cheshire
FORD, Fanny, Female, Age 20, Birth Year 1821, Occ - Silkweaver, born Cheshire
FORD, Hannah, Female, Age 15, Born 1826, Occ - Silkweaver, born Cheshire

(The 1841 and 1851 census for our Joseph & Elizabeth (Betty FORD) nee BRACEGIRDLE can be found by clicking here)

The 1851 census of Joseph FORD & Elizabeth FORD (nee HOUGH) is as follows:

Address: Ack Lane, Bramhall.  Reg District Stockport, Sub district - Hazel Grove.

FORD, Joseph, Head, Married, male, age 60, birth year 1791, Occupation - Labourer Ag, born Prestbury, Cheshire
FORD, Elizabeth, Wife, Married, female, age 60, birth year 1791, born Woodford, Cheshire.
FORD, Hannah, daughter, unmarried, aged 30, birth year 1821, occupation - Handloom Weaver Silk, born Bradwall, Cheshire (probably - Bramhall)
FORD, Daniel, son, unmarried, aged 17, birth year 1834, occupation- Handloom Weaver Silk, born Bradwall, Cheshire.
FORD, James, grandson, aged 2, born 1849 at Bradwall Cheshire.
CASH, Thomas, son-in-law, married, aged 30, born 1821, blacksmith, born Woodford, Cheshire
CASH, Fanny, Daughter, married, aged 35 born 1816, wife, born Woodford, Cheshire.
CASH, Elizabeth, granddaughter, aged 3 born 1848 at Bradwall, Cheshire.














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