Fords of Katandra

Victoria Australia

  Harold Logan Bate FORD
Married to Dorothy MOORE

9th child of Frederick Arthur FORD & Elizabeth SMITH
grandchild of Thomas FORD & Eliza Ann BATE

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Harold Patrick 1925-1991
Living Male 19xx
Kathleen Clare 1928-2011
NAME Harold Logan Bate FORD 
FATHER Frederick Arthur FORD
MOTHER Elizabeth FORD (nee SMITH) 
BIRTH DATE 24 August 1898
BIRTH PLACE Katandra, Victoria, Australia
SIBLINGS         Frederick Arthur (Ted) 1885-1949
Eva Adeline (Dolly) 1887-1890
Mabel Maud 1889-1954
Bertram Seymour 1890-1974
Cecil Stanley (Jim) 1892-1935
Horace Vincent 1892-1893
Inez Imogene 1895-1976
Hercules Diamond Jubilee 1897-1898
Clarence Roy 1900-1977
Albert Edward 1902-1968
EDUCATION Name of School
OCCUPATION Occupations
MARRIAGE DATE 5 October 1924
MARRIAGE PLACE Essendon, State, Country
DEATH DATE 18 April 1979
DEATH PLACE Mooroopna, Victoria, Australia
BURIAL DATE 23 April 1979
BURIAL PLACE Katandra Cemetery,
Section, C of E, R3 G145,
Katandra, Victoria, Australia.
CAUSE OF DEATH info from death cert
KNOWN RESIDENCES   00 Name Street Town State yyyy-yyyy
00 Name Street Town State yyyy-yyyy
00 Name Street Town State yyyy-yyyy

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 j ford jnr sawing wood


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